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1st.  Yeo Avary [1]
2nd.  George Avary[2]
3rd.  Charles Avary [3]
4th.  Robert Avary [4]
5th.  Jesse Thomas Avary[5]
6th.  Issac Newton Avary[6]
7th. Jesse Thomas Avary [7]
8th. Joseph Newton Avary[8]
9th. Generation 
(children of Joseph Newton Avary)
9th. Jesse "Lee" Avary[9]
9th.  Alice Imogene Avary-Williams[10]
9th.  Norman Newton Avary (died an infant)[11]
9th.  Kenneth Louis Avary[12]
10th. Generation  10th. Generation  10th. Generation 
(child of Jesse Lee Avary) (children  Alice Imogene Avary-Williams) (children of Kenneth Louis)
10th. James Norman Avary[13] 10th. Vicki Lynn Williams-Obermiller[14] 10th. Kim Allan Avary [15]
10th. Keith Eugene Williams[16] 10th. Gary Lee Avary[17]
10th. Newton Avary Williams[18] 10th. Kami Sue Avary [19]
10th. William Ray Williams[20]
10th. Curtis Lee Williams[21]
10th. Julia Ann Williams-Wescoatt[22]
11th. Generation  11th. Generation  11th. Generation 
(child of James Norman Avary) (children of Vicki Lynn Wiliams-Obermiller) (Kim Alan Avary had no children) 
11.th. Jimmie Lee Avary[23] 11th. Barry Allen Obermiller[24] (children of Gary Lee Avary)
11th. Jarilyn Jo Obermiller-Spiehs [25] 11th.  Marie Avary[26]
(children of Keith Eugene Williams) 11th.  Darla Avary[27]
11th.  Jason Floyd Williams  [28] 11th.  Elsa Avary[29]
11th.  Andrew Donald Williams[30] 11th.  Jessica Liegh Avary[31]
(children of Newton Avary Williams) (children of Kami Sue Avary)
11th.  Elizabeth Ann Williams[32] ?
11th.  ChristopherJames Williams[33]
11th.  Emily Alice Williams [34]
(children of William Ray Williams)
11th.  Jacob Ray Williams[35]
11th.  Raymond Arthur Williams[36]
(Curtis Lee Williams has no children )
(children of Julia Ann Williams-Wescoatt)
11th.  Logan Nicole Wescoatt[37]
11th.  Shannon Paige Wescoatt[38]
11th.  Blake Riley Wescoatt[39]
12th. Generation  12th. Generation  12th. Generation 
(children of Christopher Williams)
12th.  Mikaela Williams[40]
(children of Barry Allan Obermiller)
12th. Miranda Mae Obermiller[41]
(children of Jarilyn Jo Obermiller-Spiehs)
12th.  Casidy Jo Spiehs[42]

Yeo Avary date of birth is unknown.  He died in 1760 in Amelia Co, VA. He was married to Elizabeth Harbin on 10 Jun 1710 in Richmond Co., VA. Yeo Avary and Elizabeth Harbin had only one child.
1. George Avary

George Avary was born about 1718 in Richmond Co, VA. He died in Sep 1801 in St. Andrews Parrish,  Brunswick Co, VA.   He was married to Elizabeth about 1736 in prob. Amelia Co., VA. Elizabeth died after 1775 in Brunswick Co, VA. George Avary and Elizabeth had five children.
1. John Avary
2. Charles Avary
3. Mary Avary
4. Elizabeth Avary
5. William Avary

Charles Avary was born about 1742 in Amelia Co, VA.  He died in Sep 1825 in Greenville Dist, SC.
Charles Avary and Martha Morriss had nine children.

1. George Avary
2. Elizabeth Avary
3.  Mary Avary
4. William Avary
5. Joseph Avary
6. Thomas Avary
7. Robert Avary
8. Charles Avary
9. Milly Avary
Robert Avary was born on 18 Jan 1777 in Brunswick Co, VA. He died between 1854 and 1860 in Winston Co, AL.  He was married to Lydia between 1800 and 1802 in Greenville Co, SC.  Lydia was born in 1786 in SC.  She died after 1850 in Shelby Co, AL.  Robert Avary and Lydia had only one child.
1. Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas Avary was born on 29 Oct 1803 in Greenville Dist, SC.  He died on 11 Jun 1885 in Winston Co, AL.   He was married to Miriam Crumpton in 1822/23 in SC. Miriam Crumpton was born on 10 Sep 1802 in Greenville Dist, SC. She died on 29 Nov 1881 in Winston Co, AL.  She was buried in Winston Co, AL.  Jesse Thomas Avary and Miriam Crumpton had twelve children.
1.  Clarissa Avary.
2. William Wilson Avary.
3.  Robert Elbert Avery.
4. Luke Avary.
5. Lydia Emeline Avary
6. Esley Downs Avary.
7. Sarah Jane Avary.
8. Elizabeth Avary.
9. Melissa Avary.
10. Isaac Newton Avary
11. James N Avary 12.  Mary Frances Avary

   Isaac Newton Avary was born on 4 May 1841 in Bibb Co, AL. He died on 14 Oct 1918 in Wayne Co, OK.  He was buried on 19 Oct 1918 in Wayne, McClain Co, OK.  He was married to Cordelia Ann Matilda Boetler on 24 Mar 1868 in Double Springs, Winston Co, Tn.   Cordelia Ann Matilda Boetler was born on 12 Mar 1845 in Lincoln Co, TN.  She was buried in 1888 in Winston Co, AL.  She died on 11 Aug 1888 in Winston Co, AL. Isaac Newton Avary and Cordelia Ann Matilda Boetler had ten children.
1. Jesse Thomas Avary.
2. Catherine Elizabeth Avary
3.  Martha Elizira Avary
4.  Mary Miriam Avary
5.  Matilda Kizirah Avary
6. Nancy Elizabeth Avary
7. William Robert Avary.
8. Flora Jane Avary
9. Esley Newton Avary
10. Isbel Alexander Avery.
    Issac Newton was married to (Elliot) Catherine Boetler on 26 Mar 1888 in Shelby Co, AL. (Elliot) Catherine Boetler was born on 6 Aug 1846.

Jesse Thomas Avary was born on 29 Jan 1869 in Shelby Co, AL. He was buried in 1916 in Harlingen, TX.  He died on 8 Apr 1916 in San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX.  Sally Jane Organ was buried in 1955 in Combes, Cameron Co, TX.  She died on 25 Apr 1955 in Combes, Cameron Co, TX.  Jesse Thomas Avary and Sally Jane Organ had five children.
1. Vernie Belle
2. Cordelia Avary
3.  James Floyd Avary
4.  Joseph Newton (Newt) Avary
5.  Mabel Lucille Avary.

Joseph Newton (Newt) Avary was born on 1 Jul 1905 in Harlingen, TX.  He was a trooper with the Texas State Highway Patrol and was killed "in the line of duty" on 17 May 1935, four miles east of Barstow, TX.  His body was taken to Beaver City, NE for burial.  Joseph Newton Avary was married to Cloyce Leonard.  They had four children.
1.  Jesse "Lee" Avary
2.  Alice Imogene Avary-Williams
3.  Norman Newton Avary
4.  Kenneth Louis Avary

Jessie Lee Avary born  Hollinger,NE, March 10, 1924. Death, Bridgeport, NE October 31, 1991. "Lee" and his wife Shirley had only one child.
1.  James Norman Avary.

Alice Imogene "Jeanne" Avary-Williams born September 29, 1927, Harlingen, TX.  She resides in Grand Island, NE.  Married Forrest Floyd Williams on August 14, 1948, Holdrege, Phelps Co. NE.  Alice & Floyd had six children.
1.  Vicki Lynn Williams-Obermiller
2.  Keith Eugene Williams
3.  Newton Avary Williams
4.   William "Bill" Ray Williams
5.  Curtis Lee Williams
6.  Julia Ann Williams-Wescoatt.

Norman Newton Avary, born March 7, 1934 Pecos, Reeves Co., Texas.  Died in infancy May 19, 1934.
Norman is buried in the Fairview Cemetery, Pecos, TX, Block 48, Lot #5.
Many thanks to Judge Jimmy Galindo, Ricky Herrera and Jonnathan Contreras (all of Pecos) for finding Norman's grave!
Kenneth Louis  Avary born April 28th 1935, Pecos, TX.  He died on  July 12, 2000.  Margie (his widow) lives in Holdrege, NE. Ken & Margie had three children.
1.  Kim Allan Avary
2.  Gary Lee Avary
3. Kammi Sue Avary-Huxoll.

James Norman Avary born September 26, 1944, Holdrege,NE (Phelps Co.).  Resides  Omaha, NE.  James is retired from the Nebraska State Patrol.   His wife’s name is Karen.  James and Karen had only one child.
1. Jimmy Lee Avary.

Vicki Lynn Williams-Obermiller born December 8, 1947, Holdrege, NE (Phelps Co.).  Married Emil J. Obermiller, Dannebrog, NE June 4, 1966 and reside in Ravenna, NE.  They have two children.
1.  Barry Allan Obermiller
2.  Jarilyn Jo Obermiller-Spiehs

Kim Allan Avary born June 9, 1954 at McCook (Red Wilow CO.).  Died  July 12, 1998.  No children.

Keith Eugene Williams born July 31, 1949, Norton, KS.  Married Cindy Reimers, July 1973, St. Paul, NE (Howard Co.).  They have two sons.
1.  Jason Floyd Williams
2.  Andrew Donald Williams
     Keith is currently married to “Dianna” and resides Ravenna, NE

Gary Lee Avary born June 15th, 1956, Cambridge, NE..   Married Janice Paxton and they resides in Alma, NE (Harlan Co.).  They have four children.
1.  Marie Avary
2.  Darla Avary
3.  Elsa Avary
4.  Jessica Liegh Avary

Newton Avary Williams born July 28, 1954 in Broken Bow, NE (Custer Co.).  Married Ann Marie Mueller on December 30, 1978, Grand Island, NE (Hall Co.). They reside in Lakewood, CO and have three children.
1.  Elizabeth Ann Williams
2.  Christopher James Williams
3.  Emily Alice Williams

Kammi Sue Avary born February 19, 1965,  Cambridge, NE (Furnas Co.).  Married to Mark Charles Huxoll b. July 06, 1961, Cambridge, Furnas Co., Nebraska.  They reside in Smithfield, NE. 
William "Bill" Ray Williams born October 27, 1955 Broken Bow (Custer Co.) NE.  Married Bonita "Bonnie" Ann Brown on September 17, 1978 in Hastings, NE.  They have two children.
1.  Jacob Ray Williams
2.  Raymond Arthur Williams

Curtis Lee Williams born August 6, 1962 in Grand Island (Hall Co.) NE.  Curtis resides in Kearney, NE and has no children.
Julia Ann Williams-Wescoatt born July 15, 1964 in Grand Island (Hall Co.) NE.  Julia married Daniel Duane Wescoatt on March 5, 1988, Wood River, NE (Hall Co.).  They reside in Grand Island, NE and have three children.
1.  Logan Nicole Wescoatt
2.  Shannon Paige Wescoatt
3.  Blake Riley Wescoatt
James “Jimmie” Lee Avary.  born May 12, 1966, Bridgeport, NE (Morrill Co.).  Resides in Utica, NE.  Not married, no children.
 Barry Allen Obermiller born October 22, 1966, Grand Island, NE (Hall Co.).  Married Angie Mae Juhl on July 5th, 1997, Los Vegas, NV.  The reside in Doniphan, NE (Hall Co.) and have one child.
1.  Miranda Mae Obermiller

Jarilyn Jo Obermiller born June 30, 1969, Grand Island, NE (Hall Co.).  Married Mitch Lewis Spiehs, September 25, 1993, Grand Island, NE (Hall Co.). They reside in Cairo, NE.  They have one child.
1.  Cassidy Jo Speihs

Marie Avary born December 8, 1974, Oxford, NE (Harlan Co).


Darla Avary born May 10, 1976, Oxford, NE (Harlan, Co.).
Jason Floyd Wililams born July 29, 1974, St. Paul, NE (Howard Co.).  Resides in Plattsmouth, NE
Elsa Avary born August 11, 1983, Oxford, NE (Harlan Co.).


Andrew Donald Williams born March 16, 1978, Grand Island, NE (Hall Co.).  Married Tiffany in  2002.  They reside in Omaha, NE.
Jessica Leigh (Adopted) born July 15, 1994,   Ohio.
Elizabeth Ann Williams born September 15, 1979, Seoul, Korea.  Living in the Denver Colorado area.

Christopher James Williams born Birth, July 15, 1981, Washington, D.C..  Lives in the Denver, Co area).  Christopher and Kelli have one child.
1.  Mikaela Williams

Emily Alice Williams born August 24, 1990, Wheatridge, Co (Jefferson County).
Jacob Ray Williams born October 7, 1983 Kearney (Buffalo Co.) NE.  Jacob resides in Kearney, NE.
Raymond Arthur Williams born June 21, 1987 Kearney (Buffalo Co.) NE.  
Logan Nicole Wescoatt born August 14, 1988, Grand Island, NE (Hall Co.).

Shannon Paige Wescoatt born November 16, 1993, Grand Island, NE (Hall Co.)

Blake Riley Wescoatt born April 17, 1999, Grand Island, NE (Hall Co.).  

Mikaela Williams born May 6, 2001, Denver, CO (Jefferson Co.).  

Miranda Mae Obermiler born in 2004 in Grand Island, NE (Hall Co.).
Casidy Jo Spiehs born March 2003, Grand Island, NE (Hall Co.).